The Walqayt Tsegedeh Culture Day 2012 (Ethiopia)

The Walqayt Tsegedeh Culture Day 2012 (Ethiopia)

One of the priviledges of being of Africentric origins and living in Columbus, Ohio, is the access to obscure and amazing local community events.  The Walqayt Tsegedeh Culture Day is one such example.  Every year, this festival celebrates the distinct character and culture of the Walqayt Tsegedeh people of Ethiopia.  Through a night of dancing, fashion shows, lots of food and abundant wells of spirits- not to mention,  the beautiful…BEAUTIFUL people- our Ethiopian Ohioans achieve their feat in a manner worthy of being envied.  And so today, Ladies and Gents, BusTown Music is proud to share a taste of what we witnessed.  Check it out!

Music by: Tewodros Kasahun


















Special Thanks to Aster Riskie and all the organizers of this exciting event!


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