C.A.M.P (Episode 2): Naki Akrobettoe

Check out Naki Akrobettoe’s acoustic spoken word performance @ Columbus Africentric Music Project.

Program: Columbus Africentric Music Project
Song Title: Conversations
Vocal: Naki Akrobettoe
Percussion: Queen Nala
Guitar: Tyreek
Genre: Spoken Word

Granddaughter of Ghanaian royalty and an American coal miner, Naki Akrobettoe born and raised in Columbus, Ohio began her love of poetry and performance at the age of 12. Intrigued by the natural flow of expression, she studied historic writers such as Phyllis Wheatley, Langston Hughes, Toi Derricote, and many more. While in her freshman year at The University of Toledo she was introduced to her mentor Rane Arroyo. Under his teaching Naki found her voice and quickly became a highly requested artist, impacting not only the campus, but taking the community by storm.

Surrounded by special guests, friends & families, Ghanaian American, Naki Akrobettoe stopped by and poured her soul out in a terrific spoken word performance @ the beautiful Battiste LaFleur’ Galleria.

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Find out More about Naki Akrobettoe
Website: www.nakispeaks.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/NakiSpeaks
Twitter: twitter.com/MizNaki
Instagram: @NakiSpeaks

Audio Production by: Columbus On-Location Recording
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Huge thanks to our Audio Producers: Mark Bendig & Alan Weiss

Executive Director: DiePreye Krukrubo
Co-Producer: DiePreye
AfricentricsLIVE Multimedia Director/Editor: Brandon Isabell
Videographer: Damien McGhee

Check out Battiste Lafleur’ Galleria for the best of floral artistry.
Website: http://blgflowers.com/

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