How much skin is too much skin?

How much skin is too much skin?

Written by Sire’ Nzimiro
As women we take pride in our appearance. From the hairstyles we choose to our choice of makeup, each choice is a representation of our personality. Some may even call it a “form of art”. So much attention is centered around/on the way we look that even unconsciously we are giving off an image of who we are or who we strive to be. This is not only the case with women, but it is more frequent among women. Even as far back as biblical times, a woman’s beauty was appreciated.  Everyone’s definition of beauty differs however.  But what happens when this beauty or form of artistic expression starts to cross into the realm of religion or sexuality? In other words, what happens when the dress you choose to wear is no longer a form of expression but a statement of your religious and moral values?

Many women choose to dress in a way that diverts attention from their beauty and bodies. In some countries, amongst conservatives, feminists and religious extremists, there is the idea that a woman’s body (more so than men) is sacred. Wearing certain clothes that are sexual can be considered as bad or inappropriate. The practice of the hijab or abaya amongst Muslim women is one based on religious doctrine, though the Qu’ran does not mandate it.

Surah XXXIII, Verse 59 of the Qu’ran is most often cited in support of veiling. It states:


” O Prophet! Tell thy wives and thy daughters and the women of the believers to draw their veils close around them. That will be better, so that they may be recognized and not annoyed. Allah is ever forgiving, merciful…”

 But veiling is not unique to Muslims. With many references to the practice in both the Old and New Testament, veiling has had a long history in the Judeo-Christian tradition; even today Catholic nuns engage in the practice.  Yet beyond the women who veil on account of their religious beliefs, when choosing to dress, how much skin is too much skin? Some women believe that showing skin is a way of being sexy. However, for many who come from conservative backgrounds, showing too much skin is considered unladylike.

MINI-SKIRTFashion today has gotten very provocative. Stylish tops have gone with very low necklines, showing so much cleavage (or too short clothing), bringing girls to walk around with their butts hanging out. There is nothing wrong with taking pride in your appearance but there is a time and place for everything. Showing skin does not automatically equal sexy. In fact showing too much skin may be considered trashy or desperate. Often showing less skin leaves a little mystery. It is all about the attitude! Knowing how beautiful and desirable you are will translate even if you are wearing sweats.

It is okay to show some skin but where and how it is put together makes a big difference. A woman has every right to express herself by the style of dress she chooses to wear. It would be unrealistic to say that appearances do not matter. Appearance is considered to be the highest non-verbal form of communication. When choosing what to wear lets not forget the long journey of equality and respect that we have made. Most importantly let us not forget the long journey that still lies before us.


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  1. Ursula 10 July, 2013 at 9:54 pm

    great article. I believe showing skin is good to a certain extent. I agree with the author.. it is all about your ATTITUDE!! It has to do with how a woman feels about herself, which will represent yourself through your dress. Veiling even places an important role in the marriage union ceremony between a man and a woman ( in 2013, unfortunately, I have to When the man pulls back the veil to see his wife that is saying to the world ” hey, it is NOW my job to protect and provide for this woman.. God has now given me the authority to do so, they is why I ” take the veil” off.” The author of this article is right, our dress as a woman identifies us that is why we take our time choosing what we want to wear etc. Great stuff! keep the writing coming!


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